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Third Vice Chair

Events, Volunteers, & Fundraising

Develops Party-related community events, such as fairs, expos, parades, etc. in collaboration with the executive committee. Develops fundraising events in collaboration with the executive and fundraising committees. Recruits and engages volunteers as needed to staff events including political events such as phone banking and canvassing.

Precinct Organizers

Representatives for Democrats

Precinct Organizers (PO) are some of the most important people in the Democratic Party. They are the most local, personal, accessible, & effective point of voter contact in the entire political system. Organized precincts perform 3% better at the ballot box for Democratic candidates and ballot issues.

If you’re an extrovert & like meeting people, then being a PO is for you! We’ll provide the training, tools, materials, & help you need to be successful throughout your 2 year term. We realize not all activities are for all people, so we ask that you choose a few that you’re comfortable to start & go from there! We’ll help you develop & achieve a win-plan for your precinct. There should be 2 POs per precinct.

We have openings for the following precincts:

Click any number to be taken to a precinct map.

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