The Montezuma County Democrats ROCKED the 2020 Caucus!


Thanks to the many volunteers who put in hundreds of hours ensuring it would be a success.

Thanks to the many attendees who gave up several hours on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to

express preferences for Senate candidates, to volunteer to be Precinct Organizers (PCPs), to run to be delegates, and to submit resolutions for our Platform.


For more information on Caucus 2020 click here, although this page will soon be updated.

And Now, It's on to Assembly and Convention!


Delegates to the Montezuma County Assembly/Convention will soon receive information regarding the necessary changes to ensure the health and safety of our community during this pandemic. The Democratic leadership in the legislature wrote an emergency bill allowing modifications to rules that will permit county parties to modify the assembly/convention process - our Governor signed the Executive Order today, March 18th. Here is a link to that order.

If you are a delegate to the Montezuma County Assembly & Convention, please check your email daily. Visit the websites of the Senate candidates going through the assembly process to get on the ballot, as well as the CD 3 candidates seeking to replace Scott Tipton - you can find them here.  


Because we probably will not have an in-person assembly/convention due to health risks, candidates or their surrogates will not be able to speak to your about their qualifications - you must do your own research. They have been urged to send you information in the mail as well.

We will post links to videos they make, on our FB page,

and send them out to you via email as well.  

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