Montezuma County Democrats Leadership

The Montezuma County Democratic Party is led by the Central Committee, which consists of the elected officers (the executive committee), elected precinct organizers (also called precinct committee people), committee chairs, and at-large members.

Executive Committee

Chair: Mary Dodd -

First Vice Chair: Patrick Piller -

Second Vice Chair: Janean Barva -

Secretary: Dianne Daniel -

Treasurer: Jane Wheeler - 

What Does the Executive Team Do?

The executive team meets monthly to carry out the business of the Montezuma County Democratic Party Central Committee. This includes developing a proposed annual budget, a proposed calendar, executing contracts, designing and implementing training, determining the agenda of the central committee meetings, coordinating with outside speakers, leading strategic planning on an as-needed basis, participating on various state-level committees, planning GOTV activities, and many other functions.

The officers of the executive committee are elected by central committee members at a biennial re-organization meeting held in February of odd-numbered years, according to rules specified in the party bylaws. They serve a two-year term.