Election Calendar 2022

Every Year Is An Election Year


Next Assemblies

April 8th: House District Assemblies will be held virtually on Friday, April 8th, from 6-8 pm. 2 Delegates will attend HD 58, which has no Democratic candidate; and 11 Delegates will attend HD 59, where Democrat and current Representative, Barbara McClachlan, will be nominated to the state primary ballot. County Chairwoman, Mary Dodd, has been asked to second Barbara’s nomination.


April 9th: State Assembly will be held virtually on Saturday, April 9th, starting around 9 am (time tba). 4000 Delegates from around the state (including 13 representing the Montezuma County Democrats) will decide which Senate candidate will make the state primary ballot.

April 15th: Congressional District 3 Assembly will be held virtually on Tuesday, April 5th, from 6-8 pm. At this Assembly delegates from counties in CD 3 will choose who will be on the state primary ballot in June. The Montezuma County Dems will send 13 Delegates to CD 3.


State Primary Election

June 6th:   Ballots mailed.

June 28th: Democrats will receive a Democratic ballot. Unaffiliated voters will receive a Democratic and a Republican ballot but may only return one.


2022 General Election

October 17th: Ballots mailed.

October 24th: Ballot drop boxes and voter service centers (i.e., polling centers) open.