Rock the Caucus 2020

Do you sometimes feel isolated as a Democrat in a rural county where most residents are Republicans?

Do you find yourself saying to the volunteers at the Montezuma County Democrat's booth at various events,

"I'm so glad you're here?"


If you answered YES to one or both questions -

Caucus is for you!


When Is Caucus?

Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 2 p.m.

Check in at 1:30

Where Do I Caucus?

Precinct 1

22277 Rd. 20

Lewis 81327

Precincts 2 & 3

Dolores High School Gym

1301 Central Ave.


Precincts 4 - 10

Montezuma County Annex

107 N. Chestnut


Precinct 11

Mancos Community Center

130 Grand Ave.


Why Should I Caucus?

Meet like-minded people

who live in your neighborhood.

Become an elected party leader

by running for Precinct Organizer

(also called PCPs).

Support a neighbor to run

for Precinct Organizer 

in your precinct.

Help pick the Democratic 

candidates for the

non-presidential primary ballot.

Make your voice heard

and help shape the

Colorado Democratic Platform.

Pave your way to be a delegate

to the county and state 

Democratic conventions.

Pave your way to be a

delegate to the 2020

Democratic National Convention.

Who Can Caucus?

Registered Democrats who have affiliated as Dems & are registered in their precincts by Feb. 14, 2020.

Voters who will be 18 by the November 3, 2020 general election and are registered as Democrats.

Find more information here.

How Do I Caucus? Caucus for Newbies

Even introverts and novices can caucus comfortably - you won't be alone!

Everyone was a newbie once.

Before coming to caucus learn about the 2020 U. S. Senate candidates who want to get on the primary ballot through the assembly process here. At caucus you will be asked to choose a preference, or you can remain uncommitted.


Make sure you've met all the registration requirements described above and on the voter registration page.

Show up about 30 minutes early so you can sign in and get seated at your precinct table/s. 

While waiting, meet other folks from your precinct. You can ask to read over the official rules that will govern the caucus.

The caucus site manager will call the meeting to order promptly at 2 p.m. 

The official rules of the caucus may be read aloud unless everyone in the precinct has read them.

Each precinct will elect a caucus chair and secretary (usually the same people running the caucus).

Each precinct might take an informal, non-binding straw poll (show of hands) for Senate.

Each precinct will take a formal preference poll for U.S. Senate candidates. You can choose Uncommitted.

Each precinct will elect delegates to the Montezuma Democratic County Assembly based on the results of the preference poll.

Each precinct will elect 2 Precinct Organizers (also called PCPs). 

Each precinct has the opportunity to appoint members who volunteer to be Election JudgesElection judges are official poll workers and their names are submitted to the county clerk and the SoS. This is critical to ensure fairness of our elections.

You and members of your precinct can propose resolutions to the Montezuma County Democrats official statement of Resolutions 2020. These will be compiled and voted on at county assembly, and sent to the Colorado Democratic Party to be considered as part of the platform.

The caucus will be officially adjourned.

If you would like to volunteer with clean-up that would be greatly appreciated. Our party is entirely run by volunteers. Those working the caucus will have devoted many hours in training, preparation, and day-of work. Be sure and thank them!

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