We Rocked the Caucus 2020

On a gorgeous Saturday in March about 3.5% of Montezuma County Democrats

gathered at 4 locations around the county to caucus.

We had one of the highest turnouts in the state!


Thanks to the many volunteers who worked tirelessly in the weeks before caucus 

preparing caucus notebooks, handouts, sign-in lists, boxes of materials, and signage.


Thanks to the many volunteers who worked on caucus day setting up tables and chairs, posting signs,

staffing sign-in tables, greeting attendees, and cleaning up.

Thanks to the executive team for entering caucus data late into the night!

Thanks to All!

What Happened at Caucus?


Neighbors gathered in their precincts to meet like-minded folks.

They elected their neighborhood representatives, called Precinct Organizers.

Sometimes also called Precinct Committee People or PCPs.

They helped helped pick the Democratic candidates for the June 30th primary.


They discussed, wrote, and voted on new Resolutions for our local party as well as to be submitted to the Colorado Democratic Party.

They ran to be delegates to our county assembly and convention, as well as to the CD3 assembly, and Colorado Democratic Assembly and Convention.

They paved their way to be delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Thanks to everyone for stepping up!