Montezuma County Democratic Party Leaders


Montezuma County Democratic Party Officers are volunteers elected by the Montezuma County Central Committee for two-year terms in odd-numbered years. The current officers will serve until February 2021. Resignations are filled according to our Bylaws.



Executive Officers                                                                 

Chair: Mary Dodd                                                                             

1st Vice-Chair - Political Engagement: Patrick Piller                                                                    

2nd Vice-Chair - Communication & Community Engagement: Janean Barva    

3rd Vice-Chair – Events & Fundraising:                                                               

Secretary: Dianne Daniel        

Treasurer: Bill Barva

Monthly Business Meeting: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6 pm. Meeting can be

hybrid, in-person, or remote. All are welcome.

Attendance is required of Executive Committee members and

only EC members may vote. 

We are currently seeking volunteers to chair committees,

serve on committees, and be At-Large Members.  Learn More


Committees & Chairs

Candidate Development & Support: Lance McDaniel

Finance & Fundraising:



At-Large Members

This is a new position and currently being developed. 

Other Committees

Vacancy: The Executive Officers constitute the Vacancy in Nomination Committee

State Central Committee: Mary Dodd, Patrick Piller, Lance McDaniel

CD 3 Central Committee: Mary Dodd, Patrick Piller, Lance McDaniel

State Executive Committee: Mary Dodd, Patrick Piller


Central Committee

Composition: The Precinct Organizers (formerly called Precinct Committee people), the officers of each house, senate, congressional, judicial, and county commissioner district, the officers of the central committee, together with any state or national Democratic Party officers, elected county public officials, state senator and state representatives, United States senators and congressional representatives and other elected state public officials who are members of the Democratic Party and who reside within Montezuma County, shall constitute the membership of the MCDP central committee. Democrats elected to local office may vote but will not be counted in the quorum, as their attendance is not required.


Meetings: As per our Bylaws, the Central Committee will establish a meeting schedule at its first meeting after precinct caucuses. At the least it meets for the biennial re-organization meeting in odd-numbered years; to approve the annual budget usually in November or December; and special meetings as specified in Bylaws.

New Precinct Organizer Handbooks will be available soon! 


Mailing: PO Box 1035 Cortez, CO 81321

Physical: 2409 E. Empire Cortez, CO 81321