The Montezuma County Democratic Party


Led by the Central Committee, which consists of the elected officers (the executive committee), elected precinct organizers (also called precinct committee people), committee chairs, and at-large members.

Your Executive Committee

The executive team meets monthly to carry out the business of the Montezuma County Democratic Party Central Committee. This includes developing a proposed annual budget, a proposed calendar, executing contracts, designing and

implementing training, determining the agenda of the central committee meetings, coordinating with outside speakers, leading strategic planning on an as-needed basis, participating on various state-level committees, planing GOTV activities, and many other functions. 

The officers of the executive committee are elected by central committee member at a biennial re-organization meeting held in February of odd-numbered years, according to rules specified in the party bylaws. They serve a two-year term. 

Mary Dodd


Patrick Piller

1st Vice Chair

Janean Barva

2nd Vice Chair

Chris Holkestad

3rd Vice Chair

Bill Barva


Dianne Daniel


Your Precinct Committee Team

Precincts are the smallest political subdivision in Colorado and are the same for all parties. Colorado has 3,010 precincts. Montezuma County has 11 precincts. Think of them as neighborhoods although out in the rural areas of the county they may stretch for miles.

Precinct Organizers are official party officers and members of the central committee, the local governing body of the Montezuma Dems, and they represent all the Democrats in their precinct. Precinct organizers are essential to our party's success at all levels. Precinct Organizers walk their neighborhoods to connect with Democrats; work to GOTV (Get Out The Vote); distribute candidate information; and keep their constituents informed of party activities, values, and initiatives. 

Precinct Organizers are usually elected in even-numbered election years at their precinct caucuses. They may also be appointed by the chair of the Montezuma Dems. The term of office is two years or until the next election. In order to run for and be elected as a Precinct Organizer, you must be registered and have lived in your precinct for 30 days, and you must have been a registered Democrat for 60 days. If there is a vacancy in your precinct and you would like to step up, contact the chair of the Montezuma County Dems.

More Information

Precinct 1

MB McAfee

Dianne Daniel

Precinct 2

Marianne Mate

Steve Underwood

Precinct 3

Susan Rain

Lorna Alexander

Precinct 4

2 Vacancies

Precinct 5

Megg Heath

Patrick Pillar

Precinct 6

2 Vacancies

Precinct 7

Jody Schwindt

Lindsay Havran

Precinct 8

Mike Lavey


Precinct 9

Lance McDaniel


Precinct 10

Henk Heutink

Alan Rolston

Precinct 11

Tulli Kerstetter

Janice Bryan